Version 2.1.3 Released

By July 18, 2018 July 20th, 2018 News

We’ve been hard at work improving the app…

…so its been a few months since the last release, fixing bugs and improving the overall performance and design of the app. Highlights of the changes are:

  • Response Downloads changed to CSV from XLSX*
    • a better supported format for using data in other apps
  • Improved Kiosk Mode*
    • now uses the Survey’s password to lock the application.
  • Improved Reporting*
    • better graphing options
    • filtering by day/user
  • Redesigned Scan Question
    • toggle between scan and text edited response
  • Simplified interface
    • reporting and downloads sections have now been combined into one called “Analyze”,

*Only for surveys created on this version and above


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