Version 2.1.14 Coming Soon

By June 3, 2019 News

A major new version with a huge number of changes and improvements!

  • We have spent a long time getting all the new things you asked for into this version, and making it look great.
  • Added New Features
  • Fixed a lot of bugs
  • Here are a selection of the changes…


  • Made a mistake and want to alter a live survey, without publishing a brand new one? Well now you can.
  • Hide existing and/or add new questions as required
  • Roll back to an older version if needed.
  • Version number is stored against each response

Start & End Dates

  • Collect response data survey between certain dates.

View Data

  • Have a quick look  before downloading.
  • Filter data by completed date
  • Filter by column 
  • Data is pre-formatted for easy viewing, including mini GPS maps
  • Sort by any allowed column or combination of columns
  • Copy selected data to the clipboard to paste into your favourite application


  • View an OpenStreetMap® summary of the GPS locations in the view data section
  • Shows accuracy as a circle for each survey response with a location question

  • Can also show a summary of all responses captured together on one map

New Layout

  • Clicking on a survey now puts all the available actions on one page


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